Behind the Scenes: Installation – Clyfford Still Museum

Behind the Scenes: Installation

Posted on February 19, 2014 | Share:

Behind the scenes: INSTALLATION

The nights before a new exhibition opens are anything but quiet around the Clyfford Still Museum. While the Museum is closed and secure, our collections team and installation crew work into the night to get everything de-installed, cleared out, and ready for the new group of paintings to be brought up and installed in the galleries. While its definitely hard work, it’s also pretty exciting to be a part of these gallery transitions, and you better believe pizza plays a significant role in the nights’ activities.


PH-389 is de-installed and takes a ride on the freight elevator down to where it is safely hung back in storage.


Only when the galleries are empty does one truly realize the impact Still’s paintings have on their surroundings.


Sneak peak at 1959: The Albright-Knox Art Gallery Exhibition Recreated, which opened February 14th.

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