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Exhibition Interactives

Explore an interactive, virtual recreation of Clyfford Still’s original exhibition at the Albright Art Gallery in Buffalo, New York, in 1959. Use the interactive to view the exhibition, related archival materials, and experience Still’s vision for this landmark exhibition.

Explore the exhibition

More information on the Clyfford Still Museum’s recreated exhibition: 1959: The Albright-Knox Art Gallery Exhibition Recreated.


Videos are available throughout the Museum and illuminate key questions concerning Clyfford Still’s life and work with commentary from artists, curators, and historians. Selections from the Museum’s YouTube Channel are available below.

The Clyfford Still Museum Collection

What is Abstract Expressionism?

What is Clyfford Still’s Work “About?”

Conservation of the Collection

Still as a Teacher

Clyfford Still and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery

Clyfford Still Museum Orientation

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