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A teacher sits with two young girls on the floor in front of a painting and they point at a spot on the painting
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inStill Live

inStill Live: You Are an Artist! Overview

Live interactive sessions for students in grades K-3.

We collaborated with teachers and students at five local schools to experiment with a variety of activities to explore Clyfford Still’s art and self-expression. From this collaboration, we developed You Are an Artist!

How does it work?

  • Fill out the request form and we’ll get in touch to plan our dates.
  • Connect with our educators in a test call to share more about your students and your experience goals.
  • During your virtual visits, students will connect with two CSM educators projected at the front of the class.
  • You Are an Artist takes place over two or three 30-minute sessions.

What will students do?

  • Ignite their imaginations and feel the power of their ideas.
  • Use their senses and imaginations to look closely and immerse themselves in Clyfford Still’s art.
  • Draw to experiment with materials, connect, and reflect.
  • Receive their own sketchbooks to keep all of their important sketches and ideas.

Guiding Beliefs

  • I am an artist.
  • I can decide what my art is about and how I want to create it.
  • My art is important.
  • My ideas, emotions, and experiences are important.
  • Art can be a tool to explore my ideas, emotions, and experiences.
  • I am part of a community of artists.
  • I can experience art made by other artists and share my ideas about it.

You Are an Artist takes place over two or three 30-minute sessions. Every experience starts with “What is an Artist?”. Choose “Meeting Clyfford Still” or “Abstract Doodle Roll” for your second or third sessions.

Session 1: What is an Artist?

  • Turning on our imaginations with a song.
  • Experimenting in our sketchbooks.
  • Sharing our ideas.

Session 2: Meeting Clyfford Still

  • Turning on our imaginations with a song.
  • Hello, Clyfford Still!
  • Using our sketchbooks to draw our worlds.
  • Stepping into a painting with our senses and imaginations.

Session 2 or 3: Abstract Doodle Roll

  • Turning on our imaginations with a song.
  • Looking closely and sharing our observations and interpretations of Clyfford Still’s paintings.
  • Using our observations to create an abstract art dice game called Doodle Roll.*
  • Playing our game to start our own abstract artworks in our sketchbooks.

*Doodle Roll was invented and named by 2nd grade students at Gust Elementary School.

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