Teacher Workshops at CAEA Conference – Clyfford Still Museum


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Teacher Workshops at CAEA Conference

Nov 7–9, 2019, 8  am–5 pm
Venue: Beaver Run Resort
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BeDuring this year’s annual Colorado Art Education Association Conference in Breckenridge, Colorado, we will present two workshops.

Art | Life | Identity
How do art and life intersect? We will use the art and personal archives of Clyfford Still as a model to explore the ways artists’ lives, experiences, and values may connect to their artwork. Participants will create their own art, use primary resources, look closely, and make connections to their own practice.
Thursday, November 7 @ 12:15–1:45 pm
Friday, November 8 @ 8:00–9:30 am

Responding to Art with Making
Art itself is a source of inspiration for artists of all kinds. By responding to art with creative acts, artists across decades, disciplines, and locations can be in conversation with each other. We will explore the ways artists have responded to each other throughout art history, then create our own responses to the work of Clyfford Still. Participants will look closely, make connections, synthesize ideas, and share their learning.
Thursday, November 7 @ 2:00–3:30 pm
Saturday, November 9 @ 1:00–2:30 pm

Learn more about the conference and read the conference book below.

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