Artist Demonstrations: Lindsay Smith Gustave – Clyfford Still Museum


Beaded materials and other art supplies

Courtesy of Lindsay Smith Gustave

Artist Demonstrations: Lindsay Smith Gustave

Fri, Nov 22, 2019, 5:30–7:30 pm
Venue: Clyfford Still Museum
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Join professional artists in The Making Space in the Boettcher Foundation Education Gallery for a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process. Engage in discussion and watch them create works in a variety of media.  Explore paintings, drawings, sculpture, and fiber with artist Lindsay Smith Gustave.  She will continue her work on a beaded drawing as part of her ongoing series, Animal, Vegetable, Mineral. This project searches for visual artifact of human interaction with our surroundings. Paired down to the essential, these works focus on the direct connection between humans and that with which we choose to curate our domestic lives. Smith Gustave will bring 3-D beaded and plaster elements of fruits and flowers, some to be handled and explored by visitors, as well as 2-D ‘drawings’ to view in addition to the one she will sew that evening.

About Lindsay Smith Gustave

Lindsay Smith Gustave lives and works in Denver, CO.  She says her work seeks to express the remnants of daily existence through visual artifact. It establishes a link between a landscape’s reality and that imagined by its observer. Visual reproduction of these specific moments infuses them with meaning by challenging the division between memory and immediate experience. She highlights overlooked moments for their ability to subconsciously construct our realities. In both her drawings and her sculptural works, production becomes meditative and deepens those memories. According to the artist, her works are divided into series to best represent the different facets of her practice: meaning making in daily spaces, meditations in space, and human experience.

Lindsay Smith Gustave

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Smith Gustave

The Boettcher Foundation Education Gallery and The Making Space are open during regular Museum hours.
All ages welcome | No registration required
Adult supervision required for children under age 14

Closeup of beaded artwork hand and flowers

Courtesy of Lindsay Smith Gustave

Close-up detail of artist Lindsay Smith Gustave sewing beads

Courtesy of Lindsay Smith Gustave

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