clyfford still | museum
A group of teachers stand in a gallery while one holds her hands up to demonstrate how big something is
Photo by James Dewhirst

Teaching with Big Ideas

Wed, Jun 14, 2023 01:00 - 04:00 PM MDT

Venue : Clyfford Still Museum

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Clyfford Still’s art inspires BIG feelings of awe, contemplation, joy, and even terror. Just as Abstract Expressionist artists were grappling with big ideas and questions about our human experience in the years following WWII, we all engage with similar concepts today. Teachers and students experience a world stricken by overlapping systemic injustices, gun violence, and the ongoing pandemic, all in addition to the daily challenges of teaching and learning. How can our experiences and questions about these ideas unite and propel us forward? How do we respond to students at this moment? Join us to explore the big, powerful ideas in Still’s work, connect with other teachers about ways to respond to students’ needs, and brainstorm how teaching with big ideas can connect us to our shared humanity, making learning deeper and more impactful.

This program is included with Museum admission and registration is required to attend in person at the Clyfford Still Museum.


“First I thought art was pretentious, only for experts and critics. Now I think expression is a helpful tool to get students to think in meaningful and creative ways.”
-Previous participant in CSM teacher professional development