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Select-A-Still Contest!

Posted on March 19, 2013 | Share:

By Ashley Ludkowski

Clyfford Still was a major advocate for varied perspectives in regards to his artwork. He personally preferred the viewer to experience the painting on his or her own before incorporating his intentions as an artist or the thoughts of other artists, critics, curators and historians into his or her interpretation.

As a viewer, it is amazing what happens when you take time to slow down and examine his artwork, discovering what was hidden at first.

Because of this, we have created the Select-A-Still contest. Still fans worldwide are invited to choose a Still artwork and explain why the painting should be the featured artwork for our first summer One Painting at a Time program series. These programs allow the community to come together, share perspectives, ask questions and explore new meanings within Still’s work.

Previously, artists, historians and curators have led the programs. Now, the platform has been opened to the public to share insight on a chosen piece. “I’m really excited about the Select-A-Still contest,” says CSM marketing director Irene Weygandt. “I love the idea of giving our patrons a voice in our programming.” The winner will be given the opportunity to introduce their selection at the program, receive a free individual membership, and a signed copy of The Artist’s Museum!

We invite you to help us begin the summer by exploring Still’s life work.

How to Enter:

1. Like the Clyfford Still Museum Facebook Page

2. Submit a photo or link to a Still painting that inspires you

3. In six words, tell us why the artwork should be featured during the program series


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