Photograph by Clyfford Still

Photograph by Clyfford Still

Summer Reads from Clyfford Still’s Personal Library

Posted on July 11, 2014

To some, the introduction of the summer winds evokes an adventurous spirit who seeks to find a relationship with the outdoors. Clyfford Still saw the natural world as a laboratory from which to draw wisdom and inspiration. His personal library books illustrate this relationship, as their pages are complete with notations, sketches, bookmarks and photographs. The following books, chosen from Still’s library are sure to make great travel companions on your own outdoor adventures.

Essays: First and Second Series Paperback by Ralph Waldo Emerson
This classic collection of critical essays and poems would make for a fantastic read next to a campfire or under the shade of a tree.

Ralph Waldo Emerson img123

Dried leaves mark the pages of Still’s copy

Ralph Waldo Emerson img122

Ralph Waldo Emerson img124

Painters and Painting 

Perhaps your sense of adventure is en plein air, which would make the book Painters and Painting a lovely companion as you take to the outdoors and set up your easel.

Painters and Painting img126

Landscape sketch by Clyfford Still

Landscape sketch by Clyfford Still

First Aid to the Injured by James Cantlie

Toss this handy guide in your pack before climbing that fourteener, or cycling through the streets of Denver.

First Aid 079

Vintage Wrigley Field postcard, left behind by Clyfford Still

Vintage Wrigley Field postcard, left behind by Clyfford Still

First Aid img130


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