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CSM at Home Activities: Thumbnail Sketches

Thumbnail Sketches

Thumbnail sketches are small, abbreviated drawings to quickly explore composition and ideas. They are done rapidly and with no corrections or changes. Thumbnail sketches help artists remember big ideas of a subject or composition. Clyfford Still created thumbnail …


International Museum Day: A Musical Celebration

Museums around the world are celebrating International Museum Day by offering activities and events around a special theme. This year, the celebration centers around the idea of Museums for Equality: Diversity and Inclusion. What better represents this theme than


CSM at-Home Drawing Day Activity

On Drawing Day, we challenge you to get creative and join us in a CSM at-home activity. But before we can start the activity, we need to share some background. Although Clyfford Still is known mainly for his large abstract


Seven Clyfford Still Museum Zoom Backgrounds

Enjoy a different Clyfford Still Museum Zoom background for each day of the week. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, architecture and design fan, student of conservation, or nature lover, we think these striking photos by Raul Garcia will brighten any …


CSM at Home Activities: Color Memoranda

Color Memoranda

“If the color is wrong, everything is wrong…do not let the thought of form hamper you in the least, when you begin to make colored memoranda. If you want the form of the subject, draw it in black …


CSM at Home Activities: Scribble People

Scribble People

These loose, gestural drawings of the figure help artists to get a sense of proportion, anatomy, and movement without having to worry about details.


  • Friend or family member to pose or an image of a person
  • Drawing

Writing Poetry about Clyfford Still

Using the Clyfford Still Museum’s Online Collection, pick a painting that speaks to you, then write a poem about it.

Your poem could end up extremely long; it could be short; it could be a poem about how you …


CSM at Home Activities: Week of the Young Child

Did you know April 11 – 17 is Week of the Young Child, the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC) week-long celebration of our youngest learners? Each day has a different theme, and today’s theme is


CSM at Home Activities: Transition to Abstraction

Transition to Abstraction 

Over the course of his career, Clyfford Still’s artwork transitioned from being mostly representational to completely abstract. Some of Still’s abstract paintings contain vestiges of representational images like figures and machine parts from his earlier work. Experiment …


Virtual Workshop Recording: Look & Make – Pen & Ink

This event took place on April 4, 2020. Like any budding artist, Clyfford Still learned foundational techniques as he began his career. Check out the virtual gallery of the works in this exhibition here to see how Still applied these …

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