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“Dust Bowl”

The Well Story

by Kristin Kirsch Feldkamp, Editorial Assistant

“Well, it’s been told over and over again, but it seems that the writers and the people who tell it never get it quite right,” Sandra Still Campbell, Still’s younger daughter, said, in a


Clyfford Still’s Influences: Music

by Kristin Kirsch Feldkamp, Editorial Assistant

This is the second in a series of posts complementing our current exhibition, Still & Art. You can read the first post here.

Clyfford Still, like many great artists (Jackson Pollock, Pablo …


The Dust Bowl

By Dean Sobel, museum director


Some readers of this blog have probably been struck by the relevance of the Ken Burns documentary, The Dust Bowl, to the art of Clyfford Still. Burns’s four-hour documentary, currently running on PBS, looks at …

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