A photo of visitors in the galleries at the Clyfford Still Museum. Photo by Rebecca Stumpf.

Explore the breathtaking art museum dedicated to the mysterious life and revolutionary art of a modern master.

One of modern art’s greatest innovators, Clyfford Still ignited a powerful movement, then chose integrity and principles over celebrity and fortune.

One of two stunning terraces at the Clyfford Still Museum. Photo by Loredana Gaudiuso

Among the best art museum experiences anywhere.

Smithsonian Magazine

What’s On


Still & Art

Sep 29–Jan 21

Gallery Image

Gallery Talk: It’s Debatable

Tue, Jan 16, 11  am–Noon


film/Still: The Square

Wed, Jan 17, 7–9:30 pm


Mythbusting: Clyfford Still

Posted Nov 30

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