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clyfford still | museum
A family works on art in an art studio
A family works on art in an art studio
Photo by Brent Andeck Photography

Hands-On Art Studio

The Making Space

The Making Space is a hands-on creation studio located on the gallery level. Deepen your appreciation of the art on view through directed activities, or simply experiment with a variety of art materials to try something new.

During the exhibition, Dialogue and Defiance: Clyfford Still and the Abstract Expressionists, The Making Space offers visitors two activities: one focusing on mark-making as a form of expression and conversation, and one for collaborative art. These activities allow people to create their own art; ask themselves what they hope to communicate through the piece; and reflect on how collaboration might impact that work.

The tables’ layout also shifted to allow people to use easels at varying heights. The metal board that displays art offers an art creation activity with markers and magnets.