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Photos, files, and papers from the Clyfford Still Museum Archives
Photos, files, and papers from the Clyfford Still Museum Archives
Items from Clyfford Still Archives


New! Institute Residential Fellowship Program

The new Institute residential fellowship program will bring thought leaders and artists to Denver to engage with the Museum and its collections. A committee chose five fellows—each representing a different area of study—to participate in the program this summer from July 21 to August 11, 2024 in Denver. Learn more about the new Clyfford Still Museum Institute and Residential Fellowship Program.

Research at the Clyfford Still Museum

The Clyfford Still Museum encourages and supports engagement with its collections through the new Institute and Residential Fellowship Program, scholarly publications, and previously through the CSM Research Center (2013-2018) symposia and fellowship programs.

The Artist’s Museum
Published in 2012, The Artist’s Museum sheds new light on the shadowy corners of Still’s artistic evolution. Presenting more than one hundred of Still’s greatest works, this is the Museum’s first comprehensive catalog and features the first-ever scholarly essays on the artist developed with a broad understanding of Still’s entire oeuvre.

Allied Works Architecture: Clyfford Still Museum
A publication highlighting the Clyfford Still Museum’s architectural importance, Allied Works Architecture: Clyfford Still Museum is a rich collection of stories, artifacts, documents, and conversations that trace the evolution of the building from the initial conception of the museum to its ultimate realizations.

Clyfford Still Museum Handbook
The Clyfford Still Museum Handbook is the perfect companion to a lasting visit. Published in 2015, this handy and affordable softcover includes an illustrated chronology of the artist’s life and work; carefully annotated color reproductions of more than 35 outstanding paintings and works on paper; overviews of the Museum’s archival and conservation efforts; and a detailed look at Allied Works Architecture’s award-winning concept and design for the Museum.

A comprehensive examination of a little-known practice in Clyfford Still’s work, Repeat/Recreate provides a greater understanding of Still’s stylistic processes and the underpinnings of his darkly magnetic art. This catalogue challenges the popular understanding of Abstract Expressionism as an outpouring of impulsive creativity.

Clyfford Still: The Works on Paper
Clyfford Still: The Works on Paper is the first exhibition devoted exclusively to Still’s graphic art. The accompanying catalogue, the Museum’s first in a digital format, provides a visually rich experience of some 260 rarely-seen works, revealing the centrality of drawing within Still’s life-long creative process. Access the Digital Catalogue

Clyfford Still: The Late Works
This revelatory book, accompanying a groundbreaking exhibition, investigates Clyfford Still’s late work, both in painting and in drawing, made after his move to rural Maryland in 1961. This marks a particularly fertile period for Still; he made over 375 works on canvas and a staggering 1,100 works on paper in Maryland before his death in 1980 at the age of 75. In addition to essays by Dean Sobel and David Anfam, the artists Alex Katz and Dorothea Rockburne contribute texts on the notion of “late work.”

Clyfford Still: The Colville Reservation and Beyond, 1934-1939
Experience an early chapter in Clyfford Still’s groundbreaking path towards Abstract Expressionism. Clyfford Still: The Colville Reservation and Beyond, 1934-1939 features new scholarship exploring how Still’s time with indigenous people of northeastern Washington State contributed to a tragic sensibility realized later in his career.

A Light of His Own: Clyfford Still at Yaddo
This softcover A Light of His Own: Clyfford Still at Yaddo exhibition catalogue published by the Clyfford Still Museum includes color reproductions, several never-before-seen images from the Clyfford Still Archives, a foreword by CSM director Dean Sobel, and a captivating essay by Yaddo exhibition curator Patricia Failing.

The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920-1933
The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920-1933 illustrates the extraordinary but largely unknown early development and legacy of Clyfford Still’s artistic practices in two distinctive geographical settings, Bow Island (1920-25) and Killam, Alberta (1925-33). Despite environmental contrasts and the relative sophistication of Still’s work of the later 1920s, both his Bow Island and Killam images convey youthful lived experience in a familiar and comfortable environment—standing apart from Still’s later preoccupation with the uncanny and sublime.

The deluxe three-box set of Clyfford Still Early Works: 1920-1939
Includes The Colville Reservation and Beyond, 1934-1939A Light of His Own: Clyfford Still at Yaddo, and The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920-1933.

Colorfully Courageous Clyfford Still
The Clyfford Still Museum commissioned Colorfully Courageous Clyfford Still, a book for children ages 8–12 that explores the art and life of abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still. Written by Jason Gruhl and illustrated by Jonathan Saiz, the book goes beyond biographical information, venturing into the artist’s emotional world: his motivations, challenges, and discoveries.