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Two girls point up at a painting with a big blue abstract painting behind them
Two girls point at art on the wall with a big blue painting behind them
inStill students

inStill School Program

During the 2020-2021 school year, we offered two virtual school programs for students in grades 4-12: inStill Live and inStill On Demand. Stay tuned for updates about the 2021-2022 school year.

inStill Live

inStill Live is a live, virtual program facilitated by our talented educators via video conferencing. As with inStill at the Museum, this experience is hands-on, interactive, and allows students to be in control of their learning. inStill Live explores the theme “Art in Times of Change” by taking a closer look at the ways previous crises like The Great Depression and WWII may have impacted Clyfford Still and his work. Students will also consider how they can use art to process or respond to the crises and changes they are experiencing today.

What makes inStill Live unique?

  • It’s not a presentation: Students take the lead in doing the talking, reading, writing, and thinking in workshop-model lessons.
  • Every student has a voice: Small groups and a high student-to-teacher ratio allow for every student to be heard and have their ideas valued.
  • We turn your classroom or home into a gallery: Our expert museum educators are trained in virtual engagement strategies that fuel curiosity and ignite students’ imaginations.

Students will:

  • Do the reading, writing, talking, and thinking.
  • Have opportunities to look closely at Clyfford Still’s artwork.
  • Examine primary resources.
  • Work collaboratively to share ideas and interpretations.
  • Find evidence for their interpretations and defend their opinions.
  • Reflect on their thinking.
  • Have fun!

inStill for K-3 classes is coming!

New! Pilot visits will launch in Fall 2021! Play, explore, and create during free inStill Gallery Experiences for students in kindergarten through third grades. K-3 inStill Experiences were developed in collaboration with local classrooms to ensure they are student-centered, relevant, and fun. All children have important ideas to share about Clyfford Still’s art, and in inStill Experiences, every student’s voice matters.
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inStill On Demand

inStill On Demand is a downloadable, ready-to-go lesson for teachers to use in the classroom at any time. This lesson allows students to feel the power of their own ideas through the theme “Your Voice Matters.” Students will explore Clyfford Still’s artwork to become more comfortable with looking at art, to develop confidence in their ideas, and to use their voices to speak their minds. This resource is now available in English and Spanish.
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Virtual Self-Guided School Visits

The Museum launched an interactive virtual gallery experience on our website. The same software the curatorial team uses to curate the Museum’s exhibitions, Virtual Gallerie, is now available for teachers to experience the galleries online anytime on the Virtual Exhibitions page.

Teacher Resources

The Museum is committed to excellence in teaching in its core programs, as well as to service of the teaching community at large. CSM teacher programs focus on critical reflection on practice, skill building, and practical applications of teaching tools. For districts, active teachers, and teachers in training, we offer learning labs, professional development, and enrichment opportunities.

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