clyfford still | museum
A teacher sits with two young girls on the floor in front of a painting and they point at a spot on the painting
A boy and girl jump with excitement in front of a big blue abstract painting
Photo by James Dewhirst

K-5 inStill Experiences

You Are An Artist!

Students in grades K-5 will explore all the ways they can be artists. Young artists will explore their imaginations, look closely at Clyfford Still’s art, and express themselves. Every artist will receive a sketchbook to record their ideas and observations during and after their museum visit.

Experience targets:

  • I am an artist.
  • I am part of a community of artists.
  • I can experience art made by other artists and share my ideas about it.
  • My ideas, emotions, and experiences are important.
  • Art can be a tool to explore my ideas, emotions, and experiences.
  • I can decide what my art is about and how I want to create it.

What will we do?

  • Transition into the Museum and introduction to the experience.
  • Divide into three small groups and community building with educators.
  • Use our imaginations to look at Clyfford Still’s abstract art, then sketch ideas from our imaginations.
  • Use our senses to explore Clyfford Still’s representational art, then make art about the things or people that we care about.
  • Describe our observations about the lines, colors, and shapes Clyfford Still used. Play a game to start our own abstract artwork inspired by what we saw in the paintings.
  • Debrief and transition out of the Museum.

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