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A father and son wearing masks look at art while the son points at something in the painting
A family sits on a bench wearing masks and looks up at artwork while the father points up at something
Photo by James Dewhirst


Discover a new world and let the art move you and your entire family! The Clyfford Still Museum offers a variety of family-friendly offerings and admission is always free for children ages 17 and under. Explore the current exhibition A Decade of Discovery: Clyfford Still in Denver, on view until October 15, 2021 March 6, 2022. Plan your visit today!

Enjoy the new Museum and Me video series, with videos posted each month!


Upcoming exhibition: Clyfford Still, Art, and the Young Mind

Clyfford Still, Art, and the Young Mind (March 11 – August 7, 2022) is an upcoming community-wide collaborative exhibition that examines the aesthetic preferences of early learners using Still’s artworks as a basis for study. Clyfford Still Museum’s curatorial and educational staff worked with young children (ages 6 weeks – 8 years old) and teachers from partner schools and childcare centers around the Front Range on every level of the exhibition, including artwork selection and arrangement, object interpretation and gallery text, and programming.

Virtual Family Tours

Play, create, and explore on these interactive art adventures designed for children ages 5-10 and their caregivers. Led by our talented educators, Virtual Family Tours include games, art making, and more. Look for upcoming virtual tours or recordings of past tours on-demand! Or, explore the galleries anytime using the same software our curators use to create our exhibitions.

Family Activity Book

Pick up the free bilingual Family Activity Book at the information desk during your visit to spark your imagination.  The book will help inspire your family to look, create, and explore as you work on the activities together.

Family-Friendly Events

The Clyfford Still Museum offers a variety of other free virtual family-friendly events including special workshops, tours, concerts, and more!

Discounts + Promotions

In addition to always being free for ages 17 and under, the Museum offers a variety of discounts and promotions including SCFD Free Days every month!

The Making Space

The Making Space is a hands-on creation studio located on the gallery level. Deepen your appreciation of the art on view through directed activities, or simply experiment with a variety of art materials to try something new.

We are committed to your health and safety. Stop by and pick up a free Making Space to Go Kit with the activity, “Experiments with Light and Color” to take home. A Decade of Discovery: Clyfford Still in Denver highlights some of the most compelling discoveries about our collection. Our staff studies the impact of light on Clyfford Still’s works on paper to understand how we can preserve the colors Still chose to use. Use the materials in your to-go bag to conduct your own experiments and make discoveries at home!

Museum and Me

Young children are experts in abstract art, which is what Clyfford Still is best known for creating. That means you can come to the Clyfford Still Museum with your young children, and they will guide you!

Visiting the Museum with Your Infant

Based on research and our own experiences, we have some tips for bringing your infant on their first (or second or third) museum adventure to the Clyfford Still Museum.


5-Minute Making Videos

Enjoy virtual hands-on art making adventures for children and their families!

5-Minute Making: Happy Birthday, CSM!
Enjoy a pre-recorded, virtual, hands-on art making adventure for children and their families. Guess who is 10 years old? The Clyfford Still Museum! Put on your favorite party outfit and celebrate our anniversary by decorating cookies and cupcakes inspired by Clyfford Still’s paintings.

Art Detective
The staff at the Clyfford Still Museum make discoveries everyday about art, Clyfford Still, our Museum, and our community. Now it’s your turn to make some art discoveries and become an art detective! This video shows families how to make a viewfinder to fuel your own discoveries at home or on your next trip to a museum.

A Song for Someone
While experiencing Clyfford Still’s artwork, we’ll explore the similarities between music and visual art to create our own songs with an original melody and words inspired by PH-1069.

Chill Out, Make Art
Follow along as families who visited he Clyfford Still Museum “Chill Out, Make Art” on the sidewalks in front of the Museum using ice-chalk! We’ll show you how to make this experimental material at home and have a messy, fun time on your own sidewalks.

Touch This Art!
Enjoy a hands-on art making adventure for children and their families. For this program, we’ll celebrate the Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with the theme: Touch This Art! Designed by Rishika Kartik, this artmaking activity will engage participants of all ages in abstract art, Clyfford Still’s painting technique, and the multisensory process of painting using textured paints.

Pressing Patterns
Press, Squish, and Roll! Using objects found around and in your home, we will experiment with patterns, like our architects did when they were designing the Clyfford Still Museum building! Grab your favorite clay or play dough and let’s explore patterns!

Line-Inspired Fun

Enjoy these bilingual line-inspired activities:

Lines Líneas Everywhere!

Watch a bilingual pre-recorded, 10-minute activity to explore lines all around us with Steven Aguiló-Arbues, Clyfford Still Museum Educator. We’ll think about lines we see every day and how they make us feel. Then, we’ll investigate Clyfford Still’s art and how he felt about lines. Finally, we’ll make our own art about what lines mean to us. This activity is designed for families with children ages 4-8.