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A woman gives a large group a tour at the Clyfford Still Museum
A large group tours the Clyfford Still Museum
Staff and volunteer tour of The Early Years exhibition

Request Donated General Admission Tickets

The Clyfford Still Museum provides general admission tickets to qualifying agencies in support of their fundraising and community building activities. To receive a donation, the requesting organization must:

  • Be a registered not-for-profit and either an arts-related, education-related, or a current SCFD Tier II or Tier III organization
  • Share our commitment to culture, education, art conservation, and/or research.
  • Submit the request with a minimum of 12 weeks in advance of the event date through the online application (below).
  • Allow a minimum of four weeks for processing.

We reserve the right to decline requests from agencies whose activities, philosophies, or member demographics conflict with the mission of the Clyfford Still Museum or jeopardize our not-for-profit status (i.e. fundraising for political or religious groups). We are unable to donate to:

  • For-profit organizations
  • Events benefiting a single person or family

Due to the heavy volume of donation requests, we are unable to accept mail, phone, or e-mail requests. Please use the online submission form below to submit your request.

We require FOUR WEEKS to process requests. Availability will change throughout the year. There may be periods when donations are not possible due to contractual obligations, reduced scheduling or other factors. Due to the large volume of requests, the Clyfford Still Museum may limit the number of donations per agency per year. The tickets donated are at the sole discretion of the Clyfford Still Museum. All proposals are subject to conditions which may be unrelated to the requesting organization and, therefore, these guidelines are offered for informational purposes only.

  • Ticket Donation Request Form

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
    A minimum of 12 weeks is required between date of request and date of event.
  • Contact Information