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Teachers sit at a table and make art at the Clyfford Still Museum
Teachers sit at a table for a workshop discussion
Educator Development by James Dewhirst

Educator Resources + Development

Join us for free, customized professional learning workshops for your school, district, or organization.

The Museum is committed to excellence in teaching in its core programs, as well as to service of the teaching community at large. CSM teacher programs focus on critical reflection on practice, skill building, and practical applications of teaching tools. For districts, active teachers, and teachers in training, we offer learning labs, professional development, and enrichment opportunities.

As a single-artist setting with an extensive archive of letters, photos, and primary resources documenting 20th-century art and humanities, the Museum is a leading resource for multidisciplinary, arts-integrated, primary resource-based teaching that fosters critical thinking for participants of all ages.

Workshop topics include arts integration, innovation, teaching and learning for 21st century skills, and more.

Join us for the Teacher Open House from 6-8 p.m. on September 8, 2022! Discover classroom connections, meet our skilled educators, and mingle with colleagues.

inStill On Demand: Your Voice Matters!

Your Voice Matters is a downloadable, ready-to-go lesson for teachers to use in the classroom at any time, available in English and Spanish.

inStill On Demand – English:

If you do not have a Google account: 

  1. Click the links: Lesson Plan and Slides
  2. Choose “File” then “Download”
  3. Choose the download format you prefer

If you do have a Google account:

  1. Click the links: Lesson Plan and Slides
  2. You will be prompted to make a copy
  3. You can now edit the materials

inStill On Demand – Español:

Si no tienes una cuenta de Google:

  1. Haz clic en los enlaces: El Resumen de la Lección y Las Diapositivas
  2. Escoge “Archivo” luego “Descargar”
  3. Escoge el formato de descarga que prefiera

Si tienes una cuenta de Google:

  1. Haz clic en los enlaces: El Resumen de la Lección y Las Diapositivas
  2. Se le pedirá que haga una copia
  3. Ahora puede editar los materiales

Teacher Resources

Check out the resources below inspired by our inStill Gallery Experiences program. These prompts are ready to use to support your students in exploring artwork, finding their creativity, and sharing their voices.

Art Looking Activities:

  • Yes, and…: A storytelling game that gets students to listen and build on each other’s ideas.
  • Random Questions: A gamified way to ask unconventional questions about artwork that get students thinking in new ways.
  • Painting Matchmaker: A fun, choice-based spin on a comparative analysis that gets students thinking critically, comparing and contrasting, and making inferences.

Art Making Activities:

  • Accordion Book: A very basic mini book that students can make to record notes, ideas, and sketches.
  • Bridging My Experiences: A simple drawing prompt that gets students thinking, sketching, and talking.
  • Colorful Me: An illustrated identity map that gets students to think about how to communicate facets of their identities through visual art.

Mindfulness Activities:

We love teachers!

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