The Collection

Conservation Studio and Storage

The Conservation Studio and North Painting Storage, on view to visitors at the Museum. Photo by Gary Regester

In 1951, Clyfford Still ended his relationship with the prestigious Betty Parsons Gallery in New York. From that time forward, only a very select few of his works entered the art market. As a result, the Clyfford Still Museum now houses 95 percent of the artist’s total output, making its collection the most intact body of work of any major artist.

In addition to the artworks, the Museum is also home to the artist’s archives of letters, sketchbooks, manuscripts, photo albums, and personal effects. The Museum’s rotating exhibition program, drawn almost exclusively from the Museum’s extensive collections, illuminates both Still and the important period of American art history surrounding his lifetime. The Museum also works with the Denver Art Museum and neighboring institutions in the development of joint programming that further contextualizes and complements the collection.

By the numbers

The Clyfford and Patricia Still Collections, held by the City and County of Denver, contain approximately 825 paintings and over 2,300 works on paper, including:

  • 100 paintings dating from 1920–1943: Pictures from Still’s student years, Depression-era works, Surrealist-inspired works, and first forays into abstraction
  • 350 paintings dating from 1944–1960: Still’s “breakthrough period” and the years of “high” Abstract Expressionism, an era when many canvases span over ten-by-fourteen feet
  • 375 paintings dating from 1961–1979: Later works, most of which have never been exhibited
  • Works on paper spanning all aspects of Still’s career in such media as pastel, crayon, charcoal, gouache, tempera, graphite, and pen and ink—these also have very seldom been exhibited.


PH-672 (Self portrait, 18 years of age)
PH-45 (Field Rocks), 1925
PH-443, 1927
PH-615, 1927
PH-419, 1929
PH-422, 1929


PD-102, 1931
PH-76, 1935
PH-80, 1935
PP-7, 1935
PH-77, 1936
PP-241, 1936
PD-43, 1936
PH-343, 1937


PH-382 (Self-Portrait), 1940
PH-235, 1944
PH-751, 1944
PH-489, 1944
PH-945, 1946
PH-129, 1949
PH-385, 1949
PH-455, 1949


PH-272, 1950
PH-247, 1951
PP-104, 1952
PH-1123, 1954
PH-1074, 1956
PP-145, 1956
PH-401, 1957
PP-11, 1958


PH-960, 1960
PP-113, 1962
PH-389, 1963
PH-439, 1964
PH-642, 1967


PP-539, 1971
PH-1034, 1973
PH-929, 1974
PH-1007, 1976
PH-1039, 1977
PH-1049, 1977
PH-1090, 1978