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Black and white photo of Clyfford Still artworks
Black and white photo of several artworks by Clyfford Still
Clyfford Still works
Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO. © City and County of Denver / ARS, NY

Missing Works

Welcome to the Missing Works page. Click on an image to see a larger version and learn more about the missing work.

Here are the missing works included on this page:

  • Harp of the Winds (after Homer Dodge Martin) C. 1925 Oil on canvas Bow Island, Alberta, Canada
  • Ph-780 (Railroad Crossing) C. 1924–30 Oil on Canvas 15 1/2 X 22 In. Bow Island, Alberta, Canada
  • PH-717 (A Funeral, North Dakota) 1934 Oil on Canvas Appr. 72 in. wide Pullman, WA
  • PH-934 (The Yellow Plow) 1936 Oil on canvas 30 X 48 in. Pullman, WA
  • PH-936 (The Yellow Pelvis) 1939 Oil on canvas Pullman, WA
  • PH-728 (1938-NO. 1) 1938 Oil on canvas 59 X 27 in. Pullman, WA
  • PH-747 1936–38 Oil on canvas Pullman, WA
  • PH-731 1939 Oil on canvas 39 X 23 in. Pullman, WA
  • PH-791 (Portrait of Weldon Schimke) C. 1941 Oil on canvas
  • PH-519 1949 Oil on paper 30 X 22 in. San Francisco, CA

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