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clyfford still | museum
A young student sits on the floor of a museum gallery and smiles up at a teacher, also seated on the floor
A young student sits on the floor of a museum gallery and smiles up at a teacher, also seated on the floor
Photo by Justin Wambold

inStill for K-3 classes is coming!

Pilot visits launching in Fall 2021

Play, explore, and create during free inStill Gallery Experiences for students in kindergarten through third grades. K-3 inStill Experiences were developed in collaboration with local classrooms to ensure they are student-centered, relevant, and fun. All children have important ideas to share about Clyfford Still’s art, and in inStill Experiences, every student’s voice matters. Transportation reimbursements are available.


What makes K-3 inStill experiences special?

  • Museum introduction: This may be the first time students visit a museum. We are committed to making students feel safe and comfortable so they know museums are for everyone.
  • Play is learning! Play is at the heart of our work. Every moment, from entering the building to saying goodbye, will be infused with fun, curiosity, and discovery.
  • Students lead the way: Unlike a typical tour, every experience will be shaped by students’ questions, ideas, and interests. Throughout the experience, students will have ample opportunities for choice and autonomy.
  • High student-to-teacher ratio: Two skilled CSM educators for every eight students ensure that every student has the opportunity to share their ideas and be understood.

What will we do?

  • Look closely at Clyfford Still’s art, ask questions, and share our ideas.
  • Dance, sing, and play games.
  • Make connections between the art and our lives.
  • Collaborate with friends.
  • Make art to express ourselves.

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Project timeline:

  • January-April 2021: We partnered with teachers and students at five metro-area schools to learn how students want to explore Clyfford Still’s art, life, and the Museum. Teachers developed test lessons with students to look, create, and play.
    Partner schools included Downtown Denver Expeditionary School, Gust Elementary School, KIPP Sunshine Peak Elementary, Montclair School of Academics & Enrichment, and Tennyson Knolls Preparatory School.
  • May-July 2021: We’re combining the findings from our test lessons, developmentally appropriate practices, research in aesthetic preference, and curricula and standards for grades K-3 to build the lesson plan for our pilot gallery experience. Our skilled educators will learn and prepare to teach K-3 students.
  • Starting August 2021: We’ll reach out to our interest list to schedule pilot experiences for the fall. During these experiences, we’ll get feedback from students and teachers and adjust our lesson and instruction accordingly.
  • January 2022: K-3 inStill experiences officially launch for grades K-3.