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clyfford still | museum
Photo by Torch Media
Three young children draw in an art studio
Photo by James Dewhirst

Pre-K inStill Experiences Development

In 2021, the Museum expanded its school program to include children in grades K-3. We continue our commitment to young children and their adults through the collaborative design and implementation of pre-k inStill Experiences.

Beginning in January 2024, CSM staff will work alongside a selected group of pre-k teachers and students to uncover their interests and passions and learn what they need from the Museum. We will select classrooms to represent a diverse group of settings, approaches, students, and geographic locations. For three months, teachers and students will participate in workshops to introduce the Museum, test out activities to explore and respond to Clyfford Still’s artwork, and evaluate their experiences and investigations. Teachers who are selected to participate in this work will receive a $500 honorarium.

In September 2024, pilot programs will begin with pre-k classrooms who will participate in the experience and provide feedback to refine the program. In January 2025, pre-k experiences will officially launch for the public and be available alongside our existing K-12 experiences.

How you can get involved:

Fill out our interest form to apply to join the development team, participate in pilot visits, and join our pre-k mailing list.

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