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clyfford still | museum
Installation view of Inaugural Exhibition, Part 1
Installation view of Inaugural Exhibition, Part 1 by Raul Garcia

Inaugural Exhibition, Part I

Nov 18, 2011 – Apr 29, 2012

This inaugural exhibition presents a comprehensive survey of Still’s artistic career from 1925 through the late 1970s, documenting the development of his primary imagery and his early arrival at what would be considered Abstract Expressionism. The exhibition is the first to explore Still’s striking figurative work created before World War II, which points to the significance of figuration throughout the artist’s oeuvre, even in his most apparently non-representational compositions. Installed chronologically over the course of nine discrete galleries on the Museum’s second floor, a chronology of Still’s 60-year career is established to provide an overview of the stylistic evolution of his oeuvre and the places where he created these works. Visitors gain further insight into Still’s personal history and creative process through the presentation of select objects from the Clyfford Still Archives on the Museum’s first floor, including letters, photographs, tools and materials, and various personal effects.

Curated by Director Dean Sobel and Adjunct Curator David Anfam