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The Museum’s inaugural publication, published in 2011 (now out of print) traces the origins of the Museum, which began during Clyfford Still’s lifetime, and the history of the collection since his death in 1980.


Published in 2012, The Artist's Museum sheds new light on the shadowy corners of Still's artistic evolution. Presenting more than one hundred of Still’s greatest works, this is the Museum's first comprehensive catalog and features the first-ever scholarly essays on the artist developed with a broad understanding of Still’s entire oeuvre.


A publication highlighting the Clyfford Still Museum’s architectural importance, Allied Works Architecture: Clyfford Still Museum is a rich collection of stories, artifacts, documents, and conversations that trace the evolution of the building from the initial conception of the museum to its ultimate realizations.


Experience an early chapter in Clyfford Still’s groundbreaking path towards Abstract Expressionism. Clyfford Still: The Colville Reservation and Beyond, 1934-1939 features new scholarship exploring how Still’s time with indigenous people of northeastern Washington State contributed to a tragic sensibility realized later in his career.


The Clyfford Still Museum Handbook is the perfect companion to a lasting visit. Published in 2015, this handy and affordable softcover includes an illustrated chronology of the artist’s life and work; carefully annotated color reproductions of more than 35 outstanding paintings and works on paper; overviews of the Museum’s archival and conservation efforts; and a detailed look at Allied Works Architecture’s award-winning concept and design for the Museum.


A comprehensive examination of a little-known practice in Clyfford Still’s work, Repeat/Recreate provides a greater understanding of Still’s stylistic processes and the underpinnings of his darkly magnetic art. This catalogue challenges the popular understanding of Abstract Expressionism as an outpouring of impulsive creativity.


Clyfford Still: The Works on Paper is the first exhibition devoted exclusively to Still's graphic art. The accompanying catalogue, the Museum's first in a digital format, provides a visually rich experience of some 260 rarely-seen works, revealing the centrality of drawing within Still's life-long creative process.

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