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Woman wearing a face mask looks at paintings on a wall

Photo by James Dewhirst

The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920–33

Jan 17–Sep 13, 2020 (subject to change)

This exhibition is the third installment in an exhibition series featuring Still’s earliest works and curated by guest curator, Patricia Failing. Situated in the Museum’s first three galleries, The Early Years: Clyfford Still in Canada, 1920–33 illustrates the early development and legacy of Still’s artistic practices in two distinctive geographical settings, Bow Island (1920–25) and Killam, […]


Upcoming Exhibitions

PH-389, 1963–66

The Late Works: Clyfford Still in Maryland

Sep 18, 2020 - Jan 10, 2021 (dates may be subject to change)
Upcoming Exhibition

Oil painting by Clyfford Still

Stories We Tell: The Collection Two Ways

Due to the temporary closure, this exhibition has been postponed to 2021. Dates are subject to change.
Upcoming Exhibition

Mother and daughter look at art in a gallery

Clyfford Still, Art, and the Young Mind

Fall 2021 - Dates are subject to change
Upcoming Exhibition


Woman in yellow dress looks at large blue oil painting by artist Clyfford Still

Still: Elemental

Sep 27, 2019–Jan 12, 2020
Past Exhibition

A woman wearing glasses with her hair pulled up hugs a man with a beard with a large blue painting in the background

Artists Select: Jonas Burgert

May 3–Sep 22, 2019
Past Exhibition

PH-623 (Prairie Winter), 1929–30. Oil on canvas, 28 x 36 in.

Highlights from the Collection (Early 2019)

Jan 18–Apr 28, 2019
Past Exhibition

Black and white photograph of Clyfford Still against floral wallpaper

Clyfford Still & Photography

Jan 18–Apr 28, 2019
Past Exhibition

Photo of a woman standing next to a large abstract oil painting propped up on cinderblocks

A Daughter’s Eye/A Daughter’s Voice

Sep 14, 2018–Jan 13, 2019
Past Exhibition

Abstract oil painting of a human face and hand holding something against a background of yellow paint

A Light of His Own: Clyfford Still at Yaddo

May 4–Sep 9, 2018
Past Exhibition

Painting of a train traveling across the prairie with a big yellow grain silo with a big section of blue sky

Highlights from the Collection

Jan 26–Sep 9, 2018
Past Exhibition

Woman holds up a phone and takes a photo

Still & Art

Sep 29, 2017–Jan 21, 2018
Past Exhibition

Photo of artist Roni Horn curating the Clyfford Still Museum collection

Artists Select: Roni Horn

Jul 21–Sep 24, 2017
Past Exhibition

Mark Bradford

Shade: Clyfford Still/Mark Bradford

Apr 9–Jul 16, 2017
Past Exhibition

Artists Select logo

Artists Select: Julian Schnabel

Jan 20–Apr 2, 2017
Past Exhibition

Installation Photo

Clyfford Still: The Works on Paper

Oct 14, 2016–Jan 15, 2017
Past Exhibition

San Francisco

Clyfford Still and the San Francisco Scene, 1946–1950

May 20–Oct 9, 2016
Past Exhibition

Clyfford Still paints horses and a farmer on a canvas

Spotlight 01: Newly Discovered Early Works

Jan 15–May 15, 2016
Past Exhibition

Exhibition Image

Repeat/Recreate: Clyfford Still’s “Replicas”

Sep 18, 2015–Jan 10, 2016
Past Exhibition

A man wearing a tan hat and headphones looks at a small framed artwork on the wall

Artists Select: Mark Mothersbaugh

March 6–May 3, 2015
Past Exhibition

PH-847, 1953. Onnasch collection, photo by Alex Delfanne; Installation photos of PH-847 at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 1974


January 23–May 3, 2015
Past Exhibition

Headline image for the War Begins

The War Begins: Clyfford Still’s Paths to Abstraction

Oct 10, 2014–Jan 18, 2015
Past Exhibition

Photo of a gallery in the Clyfford Still Museum with artworks on the wall and a painting displayed on a table in the center of the room

The Art of Conservation: Understanding Clyfford Still

Jun 20–Oct 5, 2014
Past Exhibition

Installation view of

Clyff Notes: A Lifetime of Works on Paper

Apr 8–Jun 19, 2014
Past Exhibition

A gallery image of the 1959 exhibition at the Clyfford Still Museum

1959: The Albright-Knox Art Gallery Exhibition Recreated

Feb 14–Jun 15, 2014
Past Exhibition

installation view of

Drawing / Painting / Process

Oct 4, 2013–Feb 9, 2014
Past Exhibition

Installation view of

Memory, Myth & Magic

May 23–Sep 29, 2013
Past Exhibition

Installation view of

Red/Yellow/Blue (and Black and White)

Jan 25–May 19, 2013
Past Exhibition

Installation view of Vincent/Clyfford


Sep 15, 2012–Jan 20, 2013
Past Exhibition

Inaugural Exhibition Part 2

Inaugural Exhibition, Part II

May 2–Sep 9, 2012
Past Exhibition

Installation view of Inaugural Exhibition, Part 1

Inaugural Exhibition, Part I

Nov 18, 2011–Apr 29, 2012
Past Exhibition

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