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Inaugural Exhibition Part 2
Installation view, "Inaugural Exhibition, Part 2"

More Discoveries: Inaugural Exhibition, Part II

By Dean Sobel, Museum director

Inaugural II Photo

Given that so much time and attention went into the inaugural exhibition, it has been a bit strange “disrupting” what has been on our walls for close to five months. The artworks seem so much “at home.”

However, now that our second installation, More Discoveries: Inaugural Exhibition, Part II is complete (it opens tonight with a reception at 5:30pm), I’m glad we made the decision to makes these changes so early in our opening year. The 70 new works provide a much deeper view into this extraordinary collection.

This installation seems, to my eye a bit more “expressive.” The addition of PH-78 and PH-79 casts a darker mood on the second (Pullman period) gallery. The new works from the late 1950s accentuate the differences between the works Still made early in his time in New York and those made later that decade. Finally, the 55 new works on paper have many extraordinary moments, including dramatic, large-scale oils on paper (one of which was shown in his first New York one-person exhibition); several new pastels; and, for the first time, etchings, in addition to a new suite of lithographs.

I hope you make plans to see this new rotation — and let us know your thoughts. Thank you, as always, for your interest and enthusiasm.

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