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clyfford still | museum
Dad holds baby with a green pacifier in its mouth as they old a smiley face paper and look at art
Photo by James Dewhirst

Celebrating 50th anniversary of Week of the Young Child

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Week of the Young Child, an annual celebration sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC)! Today is Artsy Thursday and we’re celebrating the creativity, and imagination of young children!

It’s never too early to start a conversation with your baby about art! Scroll through our online collection with your baby and notice which images catch their attention. Infants are generally drawn to Still’s high contrast, abstract paintings. While you’re scrolling, you can start talking! Narrate your experience of exploring the collection and point to different works that you have questions about or like. Once you find a painting that you’re both interested in, you might point to other areas of the painting while you identify different colors, textures, and shapes. Try telling your baby a story about what this painting reminds you of or what you would have done differently if you were the artist.

The number of words that babies hear in the first years of their lives greatly impacts their brain development. So, anytime you see art in a picture book, museum, or your home, share a moment of creative conversation with your baby!


Woman holds baby who looks at art on the wall in a museum
Photo by Ben Placzek

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