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Graphite sketch on paper of a farm scene with houses and a large hill
Clyfford Still, PD-89, 1936. Graphite on paper, 9 x 12 inches (22.9 x 30.5 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO. © City and County of Denver / ARS, NY.

CSM at-Home Drawing Day Activity

On Drawing Day, we challenge you to get creative and join us in a CSM at-home activity. But before we can start the activity, we need to share some background. Although Clyfford Still is known mainly for his large abstract paintings, he also made many drawings throughout his career. Like many artists, Still started out drawing the world he saw around him. Since he grew up in Washington state and rural Alberta, Canada, this often meant landscapes, scenes of farm life, and buildings from town. If you are interested in having a closer look at any of these drawings or want to explore the rest of the collection, you can see them virtually in our Online Collection.

Crayon on paper landscape drawing of mountains and trees
Clyfford Still, PP-487, 1929. Crayon on paper, 8 3/8 x 11 inches (21.3 x 27.9 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver CO. © City and County of Denver / ARS, NY.

Now for the Drawing Day activity. Take some time to look out your window or maybe take a walk around your neighborhood. What do you see? Are you in a city with tall buildings, a small town with wide streets? Maybe you see mountains, construction, or your backyard. Think about what is unique about where you are. What do you find interesting?

Graphite on paper drawing of flowers
Clyfford Still, PDX-45, c. 1930. Graphite on paper, 6 1/4 x 9 1/2 inches (16.0 x 24.1 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO. © City and County of Denver / ARS, NY.

Once you have found your inspiration, grab a pencil (or whatever materials you like) and start drawing. You might end up with a detailed landscape, or a sketch of an interesting shadow on the sidewalk. Your drawing can be realistic or abstract. When you’re done, share your drawing with us on social media using #DrawingDay and #Stillinspired.

Pastel drawing on paper of a river and surrounding plains
Clyfford Still, PP-482, 1923. Pastel on paper, 7 3/4 x 11 3/4 inches (19.8 x 30.0 cm). Clyfford Still Museum, Denver, CO. © City and County of Denver / ARS, NY.

Still unsure of what to draw? Watch our gallery educator Kenda and her children as they take you on their Drawing Day journey.

Step-by-step activity explanation:

  • Explore your surroundings. Look outside your window, investigate your yard, or go on a walk around your neighborhood.
  • Take pictures of the things you find interesting.
  • Once you’ve found your inspiration, draw. Use any materials you have at home. You could use traditional paper and pencil, or get creative and find new uses for objects you have at home.
  • Share your drawings on social media with #DrawingDay and #StillInspired.
  • If you’d like to see more of Clyfford Still’s drawings, you can visit our Online Collection anytime.

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