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clyfford still | museum
Artist wearing an apron paints in front of a window
Adolfo Romero, photo by Erin McCarley

Día del Niño Symbol Workshop

Día del Niño began as a celebration of young children in Mexico, and in Denver it has evolved into a celebration of all children and their cultural heritage. While we were unable to host the event in person this year, the Clyfford Still Museum hosted a virtual artmaking workshop with Denver-based Chilean artist Adolfo Romero on April 26. Explore symbols and create a symbol that reflects your own culture, identity, and family. This workshop is appropriate for families and learners of all ages.

Adolfo Romero is a Chilean artist, musician, and poet. His artwork explores the connections between the human psyche, its origins and histories, awakening the realization that we, as human beings, are both unique and at the same time inherently alike. By documenting individual and collective human experience, his work suggests that the act of self-discovery is rooted in archetypes of our collective unconscious, and there’s always an interplay between individual and collective existence.

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