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People in Clyfford Still Museum conservation studio
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Member Mondays

The Clyfford Still Museum officially launched our membership program in September of 2011, and I have been overjoyed at the interest, enthusiasm, and response. While nearly 92% of our members reside in Colorado, the Museum’s membership extends to 29 states, and four countries!


In conceiving of the membership program, we were very deliberate to create benefits and opportunities that allowed our members to be “insiders.” What better way to be an “insider” than to have the Museum to yourself, gaining access to our director, conservator, collections and education staff? With this in mind, we set out to create “Member Mondays” – providing behind-the-scenes access to the Museum on a few select Mondays per year when the Museum is closed to the public.

CSM’s first Member Monday was in February and featured an exclusive and intimate look at never-before-seen works of art by Clyfford Still in the conservation lab and research center. Over 100 members enjoyed the opportunity to explore the galleries and to chat with director Dean Sobel and conservator James Squires about the Museum. Perhaps the most popular attraction was the Conservation Lab, where James was in the process of unrolling, conserving, and stretching several dozen paintings for the Museum’s next exhibition, which opens on May 4. Members were so interested in conservation work that I had to be the “bad guy” when the event ended at 5:00 p.m., ushering about 20 members out of the lab so security could secure the Museum!

Our April Member Monday filled up within 48 hours of being announced. It will feature a sneak peek at the newest exhibition, More Discoveries: Inaugural Exhibition, Part II, while it is being installed.

Purchase a membership online and learn more about benefits. Then, mark your calendars for our upcoming Member Monday events on June 11 and August 13. These events fill up quickly, so RSVP as soon as you receive the email invitation to secure your spot.

Top – James Squires, conservator, speaking with members in the conservation lab during the February Member Monday.
Bottom – Bailey Harberg, collections manager, speaking with member in the research lab during the February Member Monday.

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