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Panel discussion

Program Recording: Highlights from Critique as Radical Love

You Select reveals the power of community. This exhibition considers the intersections between Clyfford Still’s own networks and the Museum’s communities, and invites visitors to think about their own supportive networks. While Still was often perceived as being difficult, holdings in CSM’s archives demonstrate that Still felt strongly about art institutions being better for both artists and patrons. The purpose of critique is to improve. Still wanted museums to be better, and many people today are focused on this work. This panel will explore the concept of community, Still’s view on museum practice, and current issues in the field.

Moderated by Joyce Tsai, panelists include Lisa Yun Lee, Sierra Van Ryck deGroot, and Seph Rodney. This video features highlights from the program at the Sharp Auditorium at the Denver Art Museum on Thursday, January 26, 2023.

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