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Dean Sobel with a detail of PH-1039, 1977

Virtual Lecture + Reception Recording for the Opening of The Late Works Exhibition

Explore Clyfford Still’s innovations towards the end of his life in our newest exhibition, The Late Works: Clyfford Still in Maryland, with curator Dean Sobel.

This exhibition, the first of its kind, investigates Clyfford Still’s later works, both in painting and in drawing, following his move to rural Maryland in 1961. This marks a particularly fertile period for Still; he made over 375 works on canvas and over 1,100 works on paper in Maryland before his death in 1980 at the age of 75. Given Still’s especially reclusive posture later in life and the fact that few late works were distributed or shown during his lifetime, a full-scale presentation of these works is especially meaningful. Dean Sobel discussed the unseen masterworks but also “roads not taken” – insightful experimental works included in this show and the shifts in Still’s creative practice at the end of his career. Directly following the lecture, watch a brief virtual reception in honor of the exhibition opening and the countless contributions of Dean Sobel.

This is a recording of a live event from September 17, 2020.

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