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Aerial view of the Clyfford Still Museum and forecourt
The Clyfford Still Museum seen from the North Wing of the Denver Art Museum. Photo by Raul Garcia

Welcome to Still Life

Hands get close to a painting without touching it.

Welcome to STILL LIFE, a new blog published by the Clyfford Still Museum. Through what we share here, we hope to provide a glimpse of the life happening within the Museum walls. This is a meeting place for art enthusiasts, Museum staff and professionals, and skeptics alike. It is a forum concerning all things Still and beyond: from an event announcement (don’t miss the next “One Painting at a Time” discussion on April 13!), to a behind-the-scenes look at our collections management.

The Clyfford Still Museum is proud to be a new addition to the thriving cultural scene in Denver, and as such, we hope STILL LIFE will grow to be a forum to engage about the arts and our contemporary culture in a larger sense. We’d like this to be a lively venue for discussion, so please add your comments or ask a question. STILL LIFE. We look forward to our conversations with you and sharing our insights and discoveries that could otherwise go unnoted.

Check back often.

Thanks for reading.

Clyfford Still Museum Staff

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