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clyfford still | museum
Aerial view of the Clyfford Still Museum and forecourt
The Clyfford Still Museum seen from the North Wing of the Denver Art Museum. Photo by Raul Garcia

What to Wear


The popular question in our office these days is, “What are you wearing to Hamptons Bohemia?” We’re hearing it daily. So, if you’re wondering what exactly this “bohemian-chic” thing is, you are not alone. Let us help guide you in making some fashionable selections perfect for this late-summer fete.

First things first—let’s talk about season. While it’s true, this celebration is happening after Labor Day, it is still technically summer. The age old saying, “don’t wear white after Labor Day” does not apply here. Go ahead, and take those white shoes or sandals out for a spin. Wear that summer dress one more time. We support your choice in seersucker or linen. We say, “yes” to that sun-hat. But keep in mind that our evenings are growing cooler, and much of the event is held outdoors, so we do suggest a nice wrap or a jacket to keep you cozy after the sun goes down.

Next question: “How ‘fancy’ is this party?” Answer: it’s up to you. This is Colorado, after all—the land where black tie and blue jeans co-mingle frequently. But on a scale of 1 (being yoga pants) to 10 (being a gown you saw is the YSL exhibition), we’d suggest you aim for something between 5 and 8.

Finally, what about the style? It’s tricky, we know. It’s part vintage, part beach, and part artsy. The book, Hamptons Bohemia Two Centuries of Artists and Writers on the Beach by Helen Harrison and Constance Ayers Denn, inspired the theme of this soiree. On the cover of the book is this image, taken by Hans Namuth in 1962, which we thought captured the exact feeling we’d like to recreate. Note the sport jacket/polo shirt combination; the elegant wrap; the khakis and loafers. A casual elegance.

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